2014 Theme
We're Off To See The Big Pecan
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In 1980 Chet Blackington started an event which was known as Riverside Days which was held at Riverside Restaurant and Motel.  He asked all merchants to bring products to market.
After the first year of the Riverside Days, residents of Brunswick held a meeting at the Uptown Cafe.  Attending were Chet Blackington, Vicki Spence, Lonnie & Jerri Tate, Gene & Connie Heaper, and Jack & Patsy Allen.  At this meeting and much discussion the participants realized that pecans were a natural native product in the Brunswick area, and, therefore the festival was renamed to "Brunswick Pecan Festival".  In addition, it was decided to hold the event in downtown Brunswick.
These founding members of the Festival realized that it would be wise to obtain legal counsel.  Thus, Jack Lukehart, Attorney at Law, was contacted and Mr. Lukehart has been involved in one manner or another since then.
Chet Blackington issued a challenge to Vicki Spence to sell advertising in the first Event Book to raise funds for the Festival and this is how they raised the first funds.  Brunswick School donated their building and supplies in order for the first Event Book to be published.
Over time the Festival has evolved from a one day event to a three day event.

2014 Festival
 October 3, 4 & 5  2014
2014 Theme
"We're Off To See The Big Pecan"
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