2014 Theme
We're Off To See The Big Pecan
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Queen Grandmother  Pat Meyer
Granddaughter  Rylee Meyer
Far right: Queen grandmother, Pat Meyer, granddaughter Rylee Meyer, middle; Elizabeth Winn, grandson Kobe Tatum, and far left; Pam Vanatti, and granddaughter Dianna Fraser.
The Queen Grandmother Contest allows both an area Grandmother and her grandchild to shine.
Students in 3rd - 6th Grade in the Brunswick School District are invited to write an essay on why their Grandmother is special to them.
The Grandmother of the best essay winner is then awarded Queen Grandmother of the Pecan Festival for that year.
The Queen Grandmother is named and crowned at the Queen Contest the Sunday before Pecan Festival.
She is asked to ride in the parade during the Festival.
For rules and qualifications please click here.
For application form please click here.

2014 Festival
 October 3, 4 & 5  2014
2014 Theme
"We're Off To See The Big Pecan"
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